Research recourse

We currently have 48 research engineers which occupies 20% of the whole employees. Over 17 research engineers are having more than 10 years of work experience in the industry. The research center has developed the front sub-frame assembly of the Chinese brand Jianghuai Auto S4, S7, S2, S3, M432, the sub-frame assembly of the Sai Lin AM139 front and rear, the front sub-frame assembly of the leading car KW10, and the front sub-car of the Henan Yujie BX100. Frame, rear torsion beam assembly; Chery A16, T11, T15, T21, CX62, XC51 chassis parts, hippocampus S5 tow arm, Brilliance A01 sub-frame, Beiqi C30 beam, front sub-frame, Liuqi BM3, BS3, SX3, SX5, GM Wuling E100, Zhongtai X5 and other project products. We have the ability to independently develop molds and inspection tools, and can provide samples in a short period.

Development Process

Develop software

Design software:

· CATIA V5 R22
· CAD2010

Analyzing Software:

· Dynaform5.7
· AutoformR6

CAE analysis